Chaos Complexity and Emergence

The factors that create systems

Have you ever wondered how a social system cam into being, and why it continues to survive? This is the course for you. In this course we explore the steps necessary to create a stable system, and how chaos theory has been so instrumental in our understanding. Why do some complex groups fade into obscurity, and others become forces to shape society? This and much more will be answered in this course. This course takes the student through these developmental steps and provides real world examples of how the work. This course is just over an hour to move students briskly through these development principles. Key words for this course are causation, emergence, chaos, determinism, and predictability. The course is structured to lead students from the initial causation through each formative step to system emergence

Causality and determinism
Complexity and sensitivity
Attractors and strange attractors
Emergence of a new system
Class summary

What's included

  • 7 Video Lessons

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Arthur Jackson